Filling effervescent tablet by manual is too slow and uneconomical ?     

Focus on effervescent tablet packaging like effervescent tablet filling machine, effervescent tablet wrapping machine and efervescent tablet tube labeling machine.

Automatic effervesent tablet feeding, tube feeding, cap feeding, capping and labeling unit.

Components are from Siemens, Schneider,Festo and material will be 316L stainless steel.

Comply with  European Union CE certification, 18 months warranty after installation.

Effervescent tablet

wrapping machine

 Use our wrapping packaging machine Z40, also can skip this step and start production from second step.

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Effervescent Tablet Automatic   

     Filling / Capping Machine

Use our tablet tube filling machine (series 60 / 40A / 40B) to fill the effervescent tablet into tube (bottle), and close the lid then go next.

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Automatic Tube Labeling Machine

Use our labeling machine to have final product.

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Filling machine 40B
Filling machine 40A
Filling machine 60
Wrapping machine Z40
Tube labeling T80
Production line