Design the machine and connect together as one automatic production line from filling to labeling.

Tablet Diameter


Voltage / Frequency

220V / 50HZ,60HZ

Tablet Thickness



4KW - 5KW


50-60 Bottles / min

Air Pressure / Volume

0.6Mpa , 0.52 m³/min

Tablet Amount

8-30 PCS / Bottles

Outline Dimensions


1. Wrapping (Paper) Packaging

First step :  Use our paper (tinfoil) packaging machine Z40, also can skip this step and start production from second step.

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2. Tablet Tube Filling

Second step : Use our tablet tube filling machine (type 60 / 40A / 40B) to fill the tablet into tube (bottle), and close the lid then go next.

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3. Labeling

Third step: Use our labeling machine to have final product.

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