Effervescent Tablet tube filling and capping machine is applicable to the packing of big and thin tablets which are orderly fill into bobbin bottles in single row in an overlapping way. World famous brand parts and electrical components were used for the device, it adopts high precise indexing mechanism, speed regulating motor, stepping motor, photoelectric sensor, proximity switch and PLC centralized control. It can automatically give alarms and shut down in case of no tablets, bottles or covers, and also can remove the bottle with no enough tablets or did not capping good enough. All components that touch with the tablets is made of superior 316 stainless steel, which totally meets the GMP requirement. Thus, it is the suitable device for pharmaceutical factories, health product factories and food factories to pack effervescent tablets esp. Vitamin C, calcium and other products alike.

  1. Comply with  European UnionCE certification.
  2. Electronic Control Section: It is controlled by PLC,cylinder and stepper motor. with automatic multi-function alarm system.
  3. Cap Vibrating System: Loading cap to hopper by manual, automatically arranging cap to rack for plugging by vibrating system.
  4. Tablet feeding system: Put Tablet into hopper by manual, vibrating and sending tablet to channels automatically for packing preparation.
  5. Tube feeding unit: put tube into hopper by manual, shaking system will send tube to rack automatically. Tube direction should be checked by manual before put into hopper.
  6. Cap Pushing unit: When tube get tablet, cap pushing system will push cap and close tube automatically, no tablet no capping, no tube no capping.

Tablet Diameter


Voltage / Frequency

220V / 50HZ,60HZ

Tablet Thickness





35-40 Bottles / min

Air Pressure / Volume

0.6Mpa , 0.28 m³/min

Tablet Amount

8-30 PCS / Bottles

Outline Dimensions